About us

What is Start up Factory?

Start up factory is a mentorship-driven seed funding company that supports entrepreneurs who are at an early stage and need help to launch their projects.

We provide entrepreneurs with both financial resources and mentoring sessions to be ready for the market. Besides, Startup Factory is a bridge to investors who are interested in new innovative projects.

Our Origins

In 2014, a group of investors from Murcia decided to create a new business model for technology-based ready to scale startups.

Our team is formed by highly skilled professionals specialised in legal, financial and strategic services as well as digital marketing and tech assessment. We have carefully selected the fields needed to help you launch and scale your startup: mentoring, guidance, marketing, promotion and project growth.

Our Vision

In startup factory we believe in our projects. By giving stratups access to key tools, we enable them to focus all their attention on their growth. Startup Factory offers support in those areas that an entrepreneur may lack at the beginning of its project: strategy, finance and legal affairs.