Startup Factory Team

Startup factory investment team has been formed considering members’ backgrounds and how they could help startups. We have chosen the best professionals in technical, strategic and legal guidance.

Currently, there are 6 business partners and businessmen in our team in the Region of Murcia. They are experienced in various sectors –industry, agriculture, real state, services and so on- and committed to provide their projects with not only financial support but also knowledge, experience and a network of people they can introduce you to.

In addition, we have a digital marketing advisory department that helps us position our projects ahead in the market.

All these factors allow us to offer the building blocks for growth and a level of support that money can’t buy.

Startup Factory team consists of Bruno Dureux Parize, José Ramón Díez de Revenga Albacete, Andrés Romero Mateos y Javier Fernández Gallardo